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Journal of Aging and Health SAGE Publications Inc And adv.) fixed-period (adj.) fixed-wing (adj.) flak flash flood flavour flexitime (generic) Flextime (attendance system) flow chart flowsheet focused, focuses, focusing follow through (verb) follow-through (noun) follow up (verb) follow-up (noun and adj.) foodgrain foodstuff footnote force majeure forcible foregoing (preceding) forest lands forever foreword (to a book) forgo (go without) formulas (but “formulae” in mathematics) forums forward (verb, adj. The Journal of Aging and Health explores the complex and dynamic relationship between gerontology and health. You know health is one of the fast-growing areas in the.

An ITC guide to style and other publishing matters And adv.) freedom fighter freelance, freelancer free trade (noun and adj.) *fresh water (noun) freshwater (adj.) front line (noun) front-line (adj.) fuelled, fuelling fuelwood fulfil, fulfilled, fulfilling, fulfilment full-time fundraiser *fundraising haemoglobin haemorrhage hajj (note: “hajj pilgrimage” is redundant) halfway hand grenade handheld Haram al-Sharif harbour hard-walled (adj.) hardwired hashtag hawala headwater health care (noun) health-care (adj.) help desk helpline heretofore herpesvirus high-mortality-risk (adj.) HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) HIV-positive Hizbullah home care (noun) home-care (adj.) home-made homeowner homeownership home page homeschool homogeneous honorariums honorary honour hostage-taking hot-desking hotelling hotspot human resources (not hyphenated) Humvee hydroelectric hydro-interaction hydropower hydrosystem hygiene hyper: compound forms are closed ill: compound adjectives are hyphenated only when preceding a noun (e.g. Translators Manual in Spanish United Nations Editorial Manual in French.

Updates - United Nations Editorial Manual Online - An ill-designed project; the project is ill designed) ill-treatment imperilled inasmuch as income generation (noun) income-generation (adj.) in-depth (adj.) indexes (lists in a book), indices (statistical) indispensable information and communications technology information-sharing infrared in-house initialled, initialling in-kind (adj.) in-migration inpatient in-session (adj.) in situ insofar insourcing install, installation, instalment instil institution-building interactive inter-agency inter alia inter-American inter-annual interbank inter-birth intercommunal intercountry intercultural interdenominational interdepartmental interdependence interdisciplinary interdivisional inter-ethnic interfaith interfamily intergenerational intergovernmental *intergroup inter-industry inter-institutional interlink, interlinkage *interministerial inter-mission (between missions) intermission (between acts) Internet inter-office inter-organizational interparliamentary interprovincial interracial interregional interrelate interreligious intersectoral intersession (noun), intersessional interspace inter-State (between countries) interstate (between states) inter-unit intifada in toto intra-agency intracommunal intracountry intradepartmental intradistrict intradivisional intrafamily intragovernmental intra-industry intra-mission *intranet intraregional intraspecies intrastate (within a state) intra-State (within a country) intratribal intra-urban intrauterine intravenous in vitro inward (adj.) inwards (adv.) ipso facto i Seek IV drug user labelled, labelling laborious labour labour-force (adj.) labour-market (adj.) laissez-faire laissez-passer (singular and plural) land-grabbing landholder landline landlocked landmine landowner land use (noun) land-use (adj.) laserdisc lawmaker law-making lay off (verb) layoff (noun) lead time lead-up (noun) learned (not “learnt”) least developed countries **lèse-majesté letter of assist leukaemia levelled, levelling liaison liberalization liberalize licence (noun) license (verb) Lieutenant General life cycle lifelong lifespan lifestyle life table (noun) life-table (adj.) lifetime litre live birth live-born living space local area network log in, log out (verb) login, logout (noun) log on, log off (verb) logon, logoff (noun) long-standing (adj.) long-term (adj.) loophole Lotus Notes lower-case (adj.) low-level (adj.) machine gun machine-readable macro: compound forms are closed except: macro-unit mainframe mainland Major General mandate holder man-hour (preferred: person-hour) man-made (preferred: human-caused, human-made) manoeuvre man-portable air defence system (not MANPADS) marketplace market town mark up (verb) markup (noun) marriage timing (noun) marriage-timing (adj.) marshal marshalled, marshalling master plan materiel matrices meagre meantime meanwhile medium-sized (adj.) medium-variant (adj.) meeting place *megacity megajoule (MJ) megavolt (MV) megavolt-ampere (MVA) member-days memorandums Mesoamerica **Messrs. English, French and Spanish only. "Note A footnote may be added. 13 February 2017, Home page, A new section "About United Nations editors" was added.

United States - The late 20th century (in English) meter (instrument) metre (unit of length) micro: compound forms are closed except: micro-business micro-entrepreneur micro-environment micro-event mid-1990s mid-air midday middleman midlife (noun and adj.) mid-ocean, mid-oceanic midpoint mid-range mid-season mid-size midsummer midterm midway midweek midwife midwinter midyear mileage milieux millenniums mindset mine clearance (noun) mine-clearance (adj.) minefield minimize misspelled (not “misspelt”) misstep *Mmes. Muhammad (the Prophet) mujahid (plural: ***mujahidin) multi-access multi-bilateral multibillion multi-cause multicellular multi-centred multichannel multi-client multicoloured multi-country multicultural multidimensional multidisciplinary multi-donor multi-ethnic **multi-faith multifocal multifunctional multigenerational multigrade multigrain multigravida multi-hazard multi-jurisdictional multilateral multilayer multilevel multilingual multimedia multimillion multinational multipara multipartite multi-partner multiparty multiphase multiplatform multiple-choice (adj.) multipolar multiprocessor *multipurpose multiracial multisectoral multi-skilled multi-stakeholder *multistorey multitalented multitask, multitasker, multitasking multitrack multi-user multi-utility multivendor multi-year Muslim mutatis mutandis non-: compound forms are hyphenated except: nonconformist nondescript nonfeasance nonetheless non sequitur no one north(ern), north-east(ern), north-west(ern) (a geographical direction or an area within a country) North(ern) (a continent or major region, e.g. United States - The late 20th century Reagan took office and pledged to reverse the trend toward big government and to rejuvenate the economy, based on the theory.

Manuel de rédaction et d'édition de l'Organisation des Nations Unies (in English) modelled, modelling modus operandi money-laundering (noun and adj.) moneylender, moneylending money market (noun and adj.) moneys moratoriums mores mould movable **Mr. North America, North Africa, Northern Europe) northward note verbale (plural: notes verbales) novies octiens odour oedema oesophagus offence offensive off-gas offhand off-hours (noun) office holder off-label (adj.) off-limits (adj.) offline offload off-message (adj.) off-peak off-ramp (noun) off-road off season (noun) off-season (adj. Le site n'est pas en tous points conforme à celui du United Nations Editorial Manual ; il a pour but de refléter les règles applicables et en usage en matière de.

United Nations Editorial Manual - , twelfth edition, is the current authority for spelling in the United Nations. Mar 24, 2017. directives on United Nations editorial style, publication policies. evolved at Headquarters, the Manual is meant to provide editorial guidame for all parts of the. l'amendement de la France a l'amendement de la. Norv6ge.

UNDP Editorial Style Manual_15Jan2014 If more than one spelling is given in the dictionary, use the form listed first unless otherwise indicated below. Jan 15, 2014. The UNDP Editorial Style Manual is intended to offer guidance on grammar, spelling and. UN Editorial Manual. Bullets, dashes, French and Spanish punctuation marks. familiar with UNDP or even United Nations terms.

United Nations Editorial Manual Online - United Nations Office on. The online Oxford Dictionary (https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/) (set to British and World English) is an acceptable alternative. United Nations. Last updated on. 1. United Nations Editorial Manual Online. Spelling. The Concise Oxford English Dictionary, twelfth edition, is the.

Name of presentation - United Nations Language Careers The United Nations spelling list is designed to serve as a quick reference for common words and compounds for which there may be more than one possible spelling. Apr 20, 2017. Three key challenges of editing at the United. 60 editors, 500 translators, 30 million words x 6. United Nations Editorial Manual Online.

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