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Tor Project "Almost 100% Funded By The US The optional SSD-1 allows you to expand the range of media destroyed to include solid-state drives laptop drives, flash drives, USB thumb drives, and SSHD controller boards. The Tor Project - a private nonprofit known as the "NSA-proof" gateway to the "dark web," turns out to be almost "100% funded by the US government" according to.

How the CIA made Google – INSURGE intelligence Delivers approximately 15,500 pounds of crushing power to hard drives. How the CIA made Google Inside the secret network behind mass surveillance, endless war, and Skynet— part 1. By Nafeez Ahmed

USGS - 440-3-H National Security Information Handbook When used with the optional SSD-1, 90 pins pierce solid-state media from top and bottom, causing both perforation and waffling, which destroy the individual memory chips. Figure 4-1 Sample Authorization to Handcarry Classified Information. Alternatively, use a manual log for decks undergoing frequent changes. 5 A cryptographic system authorized by the Director, National Security Agency, or via a protected distribution. C. The office should retain the completed SF-701 for 90 days.

Media sanitization manual - DOE Directives - Department of Energy High-torque sensing technology allows the crushing wedge to zoom quickly to locate the media then increases torque to maximize crushing power, delivering total destruction in 18 seconds or less. Sep 1, 2009. DOE M 205.1-6 i. 12-23-08. MEDIA SANITIZATION MANUAL. 1. PURPOSE. a. To establish. DOE Directives clause of the contracts within 90 days. c. National Security Agency, Media Destruction Guidance and Approved.

BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE MANUAL It’s fast enough to meet the Department of Defense emergency-destruction guidelines and requires no cool down between cycles. DODM5205.07V3_AFMAN16-703V3 31 DECEMBER 2015. Department of Defense. MANUAL. NUMBER. 5205.07, Volume 3. April 23, 2015. Incorporating Change 1, Effective.

NSA/CSS Policies - NSA.gov The high-speed, high-powered PD-5 is the fastest and lightest NSA/CSS EPL-listed hard drive destroyer on the market. Policy 1-30, Review of NSA/CSS Information Intended for Public Release, 2015 May 13. Policy Manual 1-52, NSA/CSS Classification Guide, 2013 Sep 30.

Tor Project
How the CIA made Google – INSURGE intelligence
USGS - 440-3-H National Security Information Handbook

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